Initial Assessment

  • Space planning for reconfigurations – We can help determine if you have enough space currently and just need to rearrange your existing furniture.

  • Demo chairs can be brought to you for trial – they all look good in the catalogs and maybe even at the showroom for that minute sit test but don’t purchase it until you’ve sat in it for a day at your work station.  Your chair affects your health on a daily basis.

  • We can do Ergonomic evaluations of your workstations - if you are having health problems we can give advice on how to economically improve your work setting. Comfortable workers are more productive workers.

  • Repair broken existing product – we can have a service tech repair your chair, file cabinet, scratched desk or whatever you need. Often times there is additional life left in items that only a professional can recover.

Moving Assistance

  • Moving to a new space – we can do a site visit of both locations and assist in deciding what will work at the new location.  Tear down existing product, move to the new location and rebuild per agreed upon drawing

  • Need to get rid of some excess product?  We can assist in storing or finding a new home for your leftover products via donation or reselling.

  • We can generate computerized floor layouts in 2D and 3D form  - so you know in advance how your new location will look.

2 Dimensional Drawing

3 Dimensional Drawing