Buy Board Graphic The BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative is a national online purchasing cooperative formed between the National School Boards Association and several state school boards associations to streamline the buying process for schools, municipalities and other public entities. Developed to comply with state laws which require government entities to make purchases from an approved list of vendors who have gone through a competitive procurement process, BuyBoard gives districts the advantage of leveraging the cooperative’s ability to obtain bulk discounts, combined with the ease of online, web-based shopping and ordering. Save time and money with BuyBoard.

How to Join:

The Cooperative is open to all local governments, nonprofits, schools, and other political subdivisions. Membership is free and as easy as completing one of the appropriate membership agreements that follow.

•    Local Government Entities or Other Political Subdivisions - Complete the Interlocal Agreement and board resolution. If your entity is a local government agency located outside of Texas you will need to join the National Purchasing Cooperative.
•    Non-Profit Entities - Complete the non-profit agreement and Interlocal Agreement..

If you are unsure as to which agreement to sign, please call their office at (800) 695-2919. When you join, you can begin using the BuyBoard immediately and start saving time and money right away. You can email, fax, or mail your executed agreement to one of the following:

Fax: (800) 211-5454
Mail: BuyBoard
  P.O. Box 400
  Austin, TX 78767-0400

If you have further questions about the BuyBoard, please call them at (800) 695-2919.

503-16 -- The attached manufacturer names and  web links give your organization plenty of options from which to select.  BuyBoard discounts range from 40-66% off.  In some cases delivery and shipping are included in the price based on the size of the order.  Installation labor would be on a case by case quote.  If you have your own personnel then product can be dropped shipped directly to you.


61-66% Off

 Trendway Web Site

Harmony Collection

50% Off

Harmony Web Site

Boss Chairs

50% Off

 Boss Chair Website

 Adden Furniture

45% Off

Adden Web Site

Agati Furniture

45% Off

 Agati Website


50% Off

BBF Casegood Pricer

BBF Seating Pricer


40% Off

Correll Website


50% Off

DMI_Flexsteel Website


45% Off

 Egan Website


45% Off

KFI Website



40% Off



45% Off

 Safco Website